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Find out what sort of prices you can expect with the market reports.


Dennison Mk V

Read more about these popular compasses in the article on WWI Pocket watch compasses.


WWII Pocket Compass

Intrigued to know what all that compass jargon means.


Singers Patent

In my view Singer's Patent was an iconic design of the 1860's.  So who was Singer?


World War 1 prismatic compasses prove very popular at auction, but what were their origins?


Old Italian compass

How compasses were a few hundred years ago

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Books on compasses that are invaluable reference material

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Market Report Last Quarter 2013


The market reports are based on data collected primarily from the Internet.  This includes the more commonly collected European and American compasses that are auctioned since generally they are the most popular with collectors worldwide.  Currently 8 different model groups are tracked.  Prices are now monitored globally and the primary sources are the sale price achieved on Ebay as well as any dealers sale prices where they can be tracked down. 

Prices overall have now picked up and continue to exceed the highs of 2012 even though volumes have dropped significantly over the last two quarters. There continues to be above average prices paid for the more collectible models such as Prismatic compasses.


WWI Pocket Watch compass

These are pocket watch compasses in the style of a hunter pocket watch, that is, they have a lid that covers the compass crystal.  These are only from the period 1915 to 1918, even though the Mark V can be found as early as 1905.


WWI Pocket Compass Mark V

WWI Pocket Watch Compass Prices

  WWI Pocket Watch Volumes 


WWI Prismatic compass

These are prismatic compasses such as the Verners Pattern type compass.  They are only from the period 1915 to 1919.  These are still hugely popular with collectors and the their value shows little evidence of lfalling.


WWI Prismatic Compass, Verners Pattern
  WWI Prismatic Compass Prices
  WWI Prismatic Compass Volumes


WWII Prismatic compasses from WWII to date.  These  prismatic compasses of the Mk III type design that became more popular during and since the second world war.  Also includes the Mk IX, G150, M73 and the much rarer Stanley L1A1.  Still fetching good prices especially for those above average models.


WWII Prismatic Compass

  WWII Prismatic Compass Prices
  WWII Prismatic Compass Volumes

Baseplate compass

These are the very popular pocket compasses used widely by both the armed forces and serious walkers and orienteer's.  The only models tracked are the Silva, Suunto and Recta models.


Baseplate compass

  Baseplate Compass Prices
  Baseplate Compass Volumes


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