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Dennison Mk V

Read more about these popular compasses in the article on WWI Pocket watch compasses.


WWII Pocket watch compass

Intrigued to know what all that compass jargon means.


Singers Patent

In my view Singer's Patent was an iconic design of the 1860's.  So who was Singer?


World War 1 prismatic compasses prove very popular at auction, but what were their origins?


Old Italian compass

How compasses were a few hundred years ago

Book Reviews

Books on compasses that are invaluable reference material

Useful Links

And finally some useful links to compass sites around the world.



Useful Links


These are links that I personally find useful.  In listing them I am neither endorsing or recommending them.  You must make your own judgement as to whether they can be of use to you. 

Online Compass Museum

I recently discovered this site and what a find, overflows with useful information and invaluable data.

Trade Mark London

Recently updated and packed with useful material.  Want to know about compasses made by Francis Barker & Son - well this is the site.  There is also a book available from the site on the history of Francis Barker & Son by Paul Crespel.

Kornelia's Pocket Compass Guide

This American site overflows with useful information about pocket compasses.  If you want to learn more about the global market in compasses—a good place to start, especially if you plan to buy her book.

Scientific Collectables

An excellent site for compass collectors.  Very helpful dealer and a useful source of reference material.  Mainly deals in English compasses.

Wilke Compass Guide

For our German speaking readers here is a useful link on how to use the famous Wilkie compasses made in Germany. 

The Boreal Arrow

A good site for compass collectors with lots of useful information.  Mainly English compasses.

Science & Society Picture Library

A very useful research resource with a good search facility.

GILAI Collectibles

An American site that has a section devoted to Navigational Instruments including compasses.  Well presented information.

German and Russian Compasses

A useful site for compasses from WWII.

The Weatherstore

An American site that has it's antique compasses link on the lower left side.

The Gemmary

Excellent reference site.

National Geophysical Data Centre

This is a useful resource particularly if you have a compass which is marked with the declination and you want to determine the year it was manufactured. 

Use of Maps Compasses

Excellent Australian educational site that discusses using a compass and navigation.  Has good explanation of compass graduation.

Shen Kua 1031- 1095

A useful article to the life of this Chinese Scholar, who is credited with inventing the compass.

Compass Museum

An excellent reference site.

Collecting Military Compasses

Currently dedicated to military compasses - plenty of excellent photographs and information.

National Maritime Museum - Greenwich

The National Maritime Museum collection of compasses comprises 1500 items with many historically important items.

This unique web portal for Antique Scientific Instruments brings together both collectors and dealers.  There is nearly always a good selection of compasses and navigation equipment.  

KUHN Scientific

A new site started in fourth quarter 2010 with lots of useful information covering a very wide field of Scientific Instruments.  Fascinating.




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